MARK-DREW Company was established in 1990.

The main goal was to dry and treat wood.

We are the company that continuously modernizes its machinery park.

Since 2012 wooden sizing, which is used in many types of carpentry: windows, doors, and furniture, has been one of many priorities in our manufacturing company.

At the moment, we have been working on orders that include feedstock jointed to the length and width.

After we had purchased a feed-through press SIMIMPIANTI, we have also forged gluing of shelves, Medium-Density fireboards, High-Density fireboards, plywood, and veneer.

Our company is fully equipped with the machinery necessary for this type of work and testing of gluing quality forms an inseparable phase in production.

The manufacturing of wooden stairs is one of our assets. Stairs are made of carefully selected and first class dry wood. We apply varnishes with high resistance to abrasion, allowing us to complete the work in high-gloss, half-gloss, semigloss or mat. Any feedstock used by us is environmentally friendly.

We have also established contact with producers of fur animals and since 1997 we have been producing dry boards for fox skin.

What is more, we are currently manufacturing dry boards of other animals, minks and raccoon dogs.

We are aware that our experience with woodworking will profit in the form of high quality of our products.

Our company’s main goal is self-development and modernization, extending and improvement of competitiveness in our products in the EU.

We are looking forward to your collaboration with MARK-DREW Company!